Ranger Safety

Organization: National Royal Rangers

Created by: Rick Barnhouse


For every safety concern, there are three ways to approach and provide a safe environment: Proactive, Active, and Reactive (PAR)

This course addresses several safety concerns common to church ministries.


In this course you will learn the reasons for an emphasis on safety and how to use the PAR method to address a variety of issues including:

Transportation, Facilities, Care of Children, Activities, and Screening Leaders

During this course, you will view various videos. The videos will be from a regular http website presented along with the secure information from this training site. You must answer "No" if asked to view only the secure information to be able to view the training videos.

At the end of the lessons you will take a quiz. Successful completion of the quiz earns you a certificate of completion which you should print for your records.

You can quit at any time during this process and return to this site to complete the course.

Download Sample RS Sample Lesson.pdf ~ (58.66 kb)


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